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Up to 50% Time Savings

SureClinical CTMS Dashboard

Automate the capture, uploading, classification, indexing, signing and archiving of documents, forms, surveys and medical images from sites, organizations or persons.  Realize up to 50% time savings over manual uploading and document handling processes.

SureClinical CTMS Dashboard
Multi Channel Content Capture CTMS
Multi Channel Content Capture

Capture, Classify, Complete, Sign

Multi Channel Content Capture CTMS

Automate the capture, classification, completion and signing of documents and medical images via workflows, web portals, email, web PDF forms and surveys with real-time updates to document milestone gadgets and reports.  Bring in content from any source, even Outlook drag-and-drop.


Web Forms, Surveys, Docs

Multi Channel Digital Content Capture

Say goodbye to manual content capture processes such as wet signing, printing, scanning, uploading, tagging,  naming, and classifying.  Say hello to best in class Adobe digital certificate signing, automated web fillable PDF form, survey and document completion workflows with collaborative portals, real-time content capture with automated tagging, proactive content completion notifications, analytic dashboards and more to save you time and enhance quality.

Multi Channel Digital Content Capture
Digital Signing

FDA Part 11 Digital Signing

SurePortal enables digital document signing in your private web portal by your entire team globally.  Team members from inside and outside of your organization can use our FDA Part 11 digital signing solution, SureEsign™ , to digitally sign documents in SurePortal.  SureEsign provides verifiable digital signatures on any office document including PDF renditions of DICOM medical images.  As compared with simple electronic signatures where an unidentified person scribbles a signature on a tablet or simply types their name to sign, SureEsign uses Adobe digital signing certificates to provide authenticated digital signatures. 


Accelerated Collaboration

Enterprise Collaboration

SurePortal in conjunction with workflows, fillable forms & surveys and Adobe digital signing helps you capture, collect, sign and collaborate on content with both internal and external team members.  Learn more about how you can realize up to 90% time savings in with SurePortal, SureEsign, SureDrive, SureWorkflow and SureNetwork. 

Enterprise Collaboration


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