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With the move to remote monitoring, digital data and AI, it’s more important than ever to stay connected and on top of how Clinical Trials are changing.  Schedule a meeting with us today to learn more.

Recorded Webinars

Best Practices for eTMF Standards and Interoperability

Digital transformation is well underway in clinical trial management as most Sponsors and CROs are moving towards electronic Trial Master Files (eTMF) and other digital solutions to manage their trials. But, there is a learning curve to understand and ensure interoperability, eTMF data sharing and standards.  This webinar will explore flexible standards-based approaches to consistently and seamlessly share your eTMF data with partners, vendors, sponsors and CRO’s.

How to Survive a TMF Audit - A View from an Auditor

Do the words “eTMF Audit” spark joy?  For most Sponsors and CRO’s, the answer is usually not yes.  This webinar shows how it can be relatively painless with some good preparation practices and the right digital tools in place. 

Introducing SureESign Enterprise

Why is digital signing such a hot topic?  When you consider how many documents need to be signed over the course of a clinical trial, the answer becomes clear.  This webinar highlights the recent release of SureESign Enterprise, the independently validated  FDA Part 11, HIPAA, EC Annex 11 compliant trusted digital signing solution for trusted digital signing both within and outside your organization to your own trusted private network of projects, people, partners and sites. 

Digitalization in Clinical Trials: The New Normal Post COVID-19

Join us on this webinar where our guest speaker Maria Kuthning, who spent the last 6+ years as Head of Global Clinical trial Systems at Boehringer Ingelheim, shares her insights and predictions of how COVID-19 will affect clinical trial management in the future and the need to securely digitalize trials. 

Sponsor Oversight: COVID-19 Challenges and Solutions

The need for oversight from Sponsors and CRO’s is becoming greater than ever given what is becoming the new normal of remote and virtual trials. Join us on this webinar where Karin Koehler-Hansner, PhD, Managing Director of AH Clinical Trial Services, shares her global clinical trial experience providing quality audits and sponsor oversight into how you best provide oversight and remain audit ready in this rapidly changing clinical environment.

COVID-19 Impact on Regulatory Compliance

Join SureClinical and Regulatory Professionals, Inc. in a webinar and learn how Sponsors and CRO’s are adjusting to the new FDA guidance, understand necessary changes to trial protocols and engagement with IRB’s and the IEC due to COVID-19, and support virtual subject visits. 

An Industry Perspective: eClinical Operations and Remote Monitoring

Join SureClinical and Clinilabs and learn how Clinilabs has pivoted quickly ongoing clinical trials and planning for new ones given updated FDA guidance and social distancing requirements. We will show a short demo of SureClinical eClinical unified suite that is being used to manage trials and stay compliant, even in the wake of our rapidly changing clinical trial environment.

Future of Clinical Trials

 Managing Clinical Trials Remotely

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all areas of our lives, and those of us in clinical trials are working to understand how we can continue to progress with ongoing trials and accelerate new ones. Join SureClinical and SterlingBio to explore the implications of the updated FDA guidance for trials during COVID-19, and learn how to best leverage your existing technology investment in SureClinical for remote trial management and monitoring.

 Best Practices for Study Startup: Leveraging Digital Signatures and Process Automation

Clinical trial study startup processes are an area ripe for optimization. Often, the study time clock doesn’t start ticking until First Patient In (FPI), but research shows that the process to get to FPI can take seven months or longer on average.This webinar explores best practices for study startup with practical advice on how to reap the benefits of automating processes while increasing compliance. The featured speakers discussed common misconceptions around digital versus electronic signatures and provide advice on how to ensure all of those signed documents comply with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR Part 11 guidance.