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eClinical Applications for Clinical Trial Management

Manage Operations Efficiently

SureClinical CTMS Dashboard

Simplify and streamline clinical trial project management with our unified suite of cloud based eClinical applications for clinical trial management.

From our innovative trusted clinician network, our clinical trial management applications, to our Enterprise Collaboration Platform for Health Sciences, we deliver the best user experience, product features and value in the industry.   Find out how going digital with SureClinical can help your organization pursue the fastest path to success.

SureClinical CTMS Dashboard

Streamline and Automate Clinical Trial Management

SureCTMS Plan Automation

The phrase ‘make a plan and work it’ has never been easier than with SureCTMS.  Our next generation clinical trial management system provides you with template-based project milestone workflow automation, site and monitor report automation and tracking.  Real-time operational intelligence and rich, customizable analytics provides the data you need when you need it to make decisions.

Designed as a mobile-first application, SureCTMS provides clinical trial project managers and global team members with easy to use, always available tools to manage clinical trial projects at the point of activity. Whether you’re at a site, in the office or on the go – SureCTMS helps you to manage projects anytime, anywhere from smartphones, tablets and laptops via popular web browsers.

SureCTMS Plan Automation

Content Capture, Classification and Management Made Easy

Clinical trial staff and stakeholders today need to quickly capture, classify, view, share, manage and collaborate on clinical trial content from mobile, web or desktop.  SureETMF is a cloud-based, next generation regulatory content management application with powerful tools that automate the capture, classification and digital signing of content anytime, anywhere.  

Tired of wasting time on uploading, tagging and classifying?  Our patented clinical trial content management system offers digital multi-channel content capture™, digital signing, web forms and workflows to save you time and enhance quality.   SureETMF can provide time savings of up to 50% in the labor intensive study startup document collection phase of a project.  Learn more about maximizing team productivity, accelerating project timelines, and enhancing document quality for clinical trials with SureETMF.

SureQMS smart QMS

Unified Quality System

Designed for global internal and external teams in life science R&D and manufacturing, SureQMS is a next generation cloud solution that unifies, automates and simplifies quality management tasks.  

SureQMS can be deployed with SureClinical’s unified suite of applications for clinical operations, or as a standalone quality application.  SureQMS  Smart Quality™ technology  detects and suggests corrective quality actions.  Premium features such as controlled document management workflows, training management, issue management, metrics and trending, audit wizard, and CAPA management are included, making the solution affordable to small and midsize organizations.      

SureQMS smart QMS

Compliance Validated
Study Archiving

SureClinical’s SureArchive Cloud Service enables the secure, long-term retention of clinical trial documents, accessible online for instant viewing and sharing by your clinical study team, auditors or regulators. 

The need for affordable, stable, long term archiving solutions mandates a multimedia approach: Both cloud and offline methods using ISO standard PDF based content archiving are recommended to ensure long term data access and availability to inspectors. 

SureClinical can help you migrate existing digital or paper study documents and data to SureArchive. Learn more or schedule a demo today.


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