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SureClinical Supports Asklepion Phase 2 Trial for COVID-19 Patients

Working Together to Improve Patient Outcomes

SureClinical, the premier provider of FDA and EU compliance validated eClinical cloud applications today announced its complimentary support for Asklepion Pharmaceuticals Phase 2 COVID-19 trial on the SureClinical Platform.

The goal of Asklepion’s study is to prevent or reduce the severity of Covid 19 (SARS-CoV-2) associated ARDS (Acute, Respiratory Distress Syndrome), reduce the dependency on invasive mechanical ventilation, and duration of time the person is in hospital.

Complimentary COVID-19 Trial Support

In April of this year, SureClinical announced a complimentary COVID-19 eClinical application program to support medical research centers, CRO’s and Sponsors who are developing COVID-19 vaccines and treatments.  With six active global COVID-19 treatment studies underway on SureClinical’s Cloud and several more in the planning stages, SureClinical is pleased to support Asklepion Pharmaceuticals important Phase 2 trial with access to its eClinical Cloud Suite to help seek the fastest path to effective treatment for COVID-19.

Faster Study Startup

“We are very grateful to SureClinical for their support of our critical work in this crucial trial.  Using SureClinical, we are confident to be able to accelerate our study startup and improve trial management for our critical study to find effective treatments for COVID-19 patients”, stated Gurdyal Kalsi, MD,  Asklepion Chief Medical Officer. “In this collaboration, the essence of serving the current health crisis is very apparent.”

ETMF and Platform Support for COVID-19 Trials

“We at SureClinical are proud that our eClinical applications and platform are being used to speed the development and delivery of multiple global COVID-19 treatment and vaccine clinical trials.  Our platform provides a digital transformation path for our customers, providing better clinical trial operational intelligence – including historic, current and predictive analysis.   Customer supporting data shows that our solutions have accelerated clinical study startup by over 50% in many cases,  reducing study startup times from 6-9 months to 3 months or less. When applied to COVID-19 clinical studies, these time savings can be significant in saving lives globally.  We have extended our help to others as we all work together to rapidly find, validate and release treatments to combat this pandemic,” states Laurie Pattison, VP of Marketing and Customer Experience at SureClinical. 

Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Virus Covid 19-NCP. Coronavirus nCoV denoted is single-stranded RNA virus.

This trial is just the beginning of the relationship with SureClinical.  “The system attributes are easily scalable and our relationship is on a growth trajectory. We believe efficient trial setups can be accomplished more readily with the user-friendly SureClinical technology. It is a top end platform as per the evaluation performed by the Asklepion team” states Dr. Kalsi.

Never before has speed been so important in seeking global therapies and treatments for COVID-19.  With a proven track record of reducing study startup time by over 70% from manual, paper or spreadsheet based systems, SureClinical’s eClinical Applications and Enterprise Collaboration Platform helps studies streamline their essential document collection and study startup processes as well as support remote clinical monitoring.  SureClinical’s application suite includes FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11, HIPAA compliance validated solutions for Clinical Trial Management (CTMS), Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) management, Electronic Investigator Site File (eISF) management, Quality Management (QMS), SureNetwork and SureEsign digital signing.  

Making an Impact

SureClinical has been supporting clinical research organizations, medical research centers and BioPharma sponsors since 2014 to streamline clinical trial processes.  “Our overall goal has never wavered: to speed the development and delivery of life-saving drugs and therapies to patients through our applications,” states Zack Schmidt, CEO of Sure Clinical.  “The market has been good to us.  This is the way we can give back when it matters most.”

If you are embarking on a new COVID-19 study and would like to leverage the SureClinical platform, please contact SureClinical to see if you are a candidate for a free trial.