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Introducing SureISF Regulatory Cloud Application for Clinical Sites

Reno, NV (PRWeb) December 11, 2019

SureClinical, a global provider of innovative cloud solutions for the health sciences market today announced its new cloud-based regulatory document management solution for clinical investigator sites, SureISF.  SureISF is designed to enable clinical sites to collaboratively view, share, digitally esign, comment on and manage site-specific content.  SureISF is available as part a unified eISF/eTMF solution to automate clinical regulatory document collection. 

SureISF can be used for all clinical trials globally, with support for all popular Microsoft Office file formats, trusted FDA Part 11 Adobe Digital Certificate eSigning, with connectivity to popular cloud applications. With its HIPAA-compliant DICOM medical image support, SureISF and SureETMF provide clinical trial stakeholders with a value unavailable in any other iSF solution.

SureISF is based on and is interoperable with SureETMF, SureClinical’s flagship cloud eTMF management solution. Major global CRO’s, Sponsors and research sites have standardized on SureETMF.

SureISF provides required document, expired document and missing document tracking and reporting, workflows with web-fillable forms and eSigning, investigator portal, and surveys. Simple to use dashboards and notifications allow collaboration between sites, sponsors, CRO’s and clinical trial stakeholders.

SureISF is provided with out of the box 21 CFR Part 11, EC Annex 11 and HIPAA compliance validation certification.

SureClinical CEO, Zack Schmidt states “we’re proud to bring SureISF to sites to simplify their study execution, ensure compliance to allow them focus on what they do best: critical research to speed drugs and devices to market and save lives.”

SureClinical is taking orders now for deployment in Q1 2020. Clinical research sites can request more information at

About SureClinical 

SureClinical is a premier provider of FDA and EU compliance validated health science cloud applications.   Our mission is to provide integrated best-in-class applications to accelerate the delivery of innovative therapies to patients globally.  

SureClinical provides life science and healthcare companies with a unified suite of applications, platform and network. SureClinical is available on all major web browsers as well as Android®, Apple® iPad, Apple® IOS, and other popular mobile platforms. 

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